How service seekers find my service? Service seekers will find your service if, first, the language they choose on the website/App matches one of the languages you have chosen to provide your service in; second, if the categories or keywords they search matches the title and description you have written for your service; and third, if your location is within the area they choose to receive the service.

How many languages can I choose in Just3? You can choose as many languages as you can provide your service in.

Do I need to write my service description in all the languages I choose? No, you do not. It is not necessary to write your description in all chosen languages . Just3 translates it to other languages for the service seekers.

What if I have several skills or products that I like to advertise them? You can post as many services as you like on Just3. You only need to pay advertisement fee for each service you post.

Can I promote my service? Yes, you can promote one or more of your services by choosing the Featured option when you are posting on Just3.

What happens when a service is listed as featured? The promoted service will appear above the gallery listings, highlighted in search results and categories, and receives 5x more views than an unpromoted service.

Can I remove my post? Yes, you can go to the Dashboard and remove your post at any time you like.

Do I receive refund after removing my post? No, Just3 does not pay refunds.

Can I close my account? Yes, you can close your Just3 account at any time you like; however, we may retain some of your personal information to satisfy regulatory requirements and our own external obligations. Closing your account does not necessarily delete or remove all of the information we hold.

Who can use Just3?

           This platform has been designed with a special focus on migrant communities but can generally be useful for everyone.

The first group that benefits most from this platform are new immigrants, whose basic needs upon arrival such as place of residence, vehicle, furniture, home appliances, etc. are met with delays, and sometimes impose additional costs on them due to unfamiliarity with the facilities, regulations, and routine of doing work in the destination country. They also often have to wait for months to become fluent enough in the language of the destination country and get familiar with the new environment before they can enter the job market (but, as we all know, the cost of living does not wait for them to get ready).

By using Just3, they can receive the services they need (e.g., real estate, cars, housing services) from their community people upon their arrival, and in addition, by advertising their skills on Just3, they can quickly enter the job market and earn money by providing their services to their communities.

The next group are self-employed and home-based business owners. Those who provide services such as buying, selling, and repairing home appliances and vehicles, real estates, construction and renovation, electrical services, installations and other services related to homes, as well as food and catering, event organising, technical and artistic crafts, beauty services, education and training and many other services that can be advertised on this platform.

Just3 also allows service-providers who know multiple languages ​​to expand their businesses by getting clients/customers from other communities.

The next group are people like lawyers and financial advisors, tax and insurance consultants, legal and business consultants, sport trainers, nutritionists, life coaches as well as doctors, psychologists and health care providers who are not necessarily self-employed but whose presence on Just3 makes them available to their communities. Employees of public and private institutions that provide various medical, social, and legal services can introduce their services on Just3 so that people who need those services in a particular language can easily find them.

The last group are service seekers who are looking for the services provided by the above-mentioned groups. In fact, Just3 takes the hassle of searching for services out of our daily lives by providing us with an easy access and comprehensive data-base for services.