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INTERACTIVE SKILLS TRAINING In the era of evolving markets, distinguish your business and gain an excellent skill set through our training courses. As Excellence is our aim, experiential learning is the method of our preference and the best-proven way to learn and gain more skills. 1-ON-1 COACHING Innovative leaders understand that coaching can help career minded individuals and expand their capacities to build successful flow in their working and social lives. A coach can help you enhance your skills and gain tools for excellent performance in order to reach individual goals and company vision. Customize Your Program In a market full of challenges, Performa Consulting can help you identify your needs and create a program exclusively for your company, look into our 30+ programs.
PERFORMA prides itself on being a company that contributes to the development of the workforce through training courses and coaching sessions. We believe the days of the "lecturing style" training courses are long gone. Experiential learning is the way to go to learn a new skill and make it "stick". PERFORMA specializes in Performance development and Management skills. We can contribute to the growth of the organizations through enhancing their people, thus their profitability. PERFORMA arms the employees with tools after every course or coaching session to help them apply themselves well and improve the work process.

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